Plan A
Home Made Food
Provide best quality home cooked food which will be delivered at home
Provide Breakfast with different tiffin menu daily
Both Veg & Non-Veg meals will be provided with different type of menu for Lunch
Provide Dinner with Veg & Non-Veg full meals/tiffin as per the requirement
Plan B
Hospitality Assistance
Daily health checkups will be done
Blood Pressure (BP) and Diabetes (Sugar) checkups will be done
Serving food to the elder’s table
Cleaning of elder’s room/home
Washing of clothes along with ironing if required
Plan C
Home Care
Accompanying elder to hospital for checkups and treatment
Be with the elder and take care of them
Buying medicines from shops and provided time to time tablets as per doctor’s advise
Help buying day to day to things from shops by checking quality and price
Plan D
Home Care
Cleaning elder’s bed and clothes as per their requirement
Assisting elder to change clothes
Assisting elder to take bath and do body cleaning
Timely update information about the elder to their respective guardian
Plan E
Travel Assitance
Providing vehicles for their travel
Arranging and keeping things ready for elder’s travel
Offer travel service for their short and long trips
Plan F
Refreshment Activities
Yoga Training
Assist and train daily exercise
Meditation Training
Accompanying daily walking
Provide diet training
Provide health advise for medical treatment
Plan G
Half Day Care Taker
Morning they will be joined duty on time.
They will be worked upto 4-4.30 hours.
Utilize and monitor with own.
Plan H
Full Day Care Taker
Morning they will be joined duty on time.
They will be worked upto 8-9 hours.
Utilize and monitor with own.
They will work as your requirements include cooking on