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Welcome to CECS



Ageing can’t received. but we can overcome the difficulty it brings. Wouldn’t you be happy if there is someone loving and specialized to take care of you or your loved one’s? We CHELLAM ELDER CARE SUPPORTER are here to satisfy all your needs anytime with a smiling face at your doorstep.

Who are we?

We are a team of certified Nurses and medicinally educated personally who provide support to elders and the people who are in need Food part time, full time and hour’s base.

Who do we take care?

  1. Elderly couples and singles.
  2. Disabled/physically Challanged.
  3. Aged men/women who are staying alone requiring daily care.
  4. People who are bedridden.

What we do?

  1. Home–made healthy food will be delivered based on your requirement for breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  2. Doing daily checkup’s like bp and sugar.
  3. Helping sick by giving daily medicines and take visit to hospital.
  4. Arranging the beds and area for the elderly person who needs.
  5. Buying medicines and day to day things from shops for elders ensuring good quality and price.
  6. Accompanying elders to hospital treatment.
  7. Vehicle arrangement for people who travel to hospital and outside destinations.
  8. Ambulance services will also be provided through our local partners.

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